5 Emerging Technolgy of the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is at present daring to do the greatest transformation. This transformation is a crucial aspect regarding the digitally-enabled merging of industry, social platform, and technological forces all together for an outburst innovation on the global platform. Technology-driven trends have the power to change human life to a notable extent. So what are the best trends that transform the automotive industry and hence human life? Let’s see.

Autonomous Driving

Autonomous Driving is undoubtedly ruling the automotive field. Though on the streets the self-driving technology is not accepted, it is on an experimental level all around the world. Self-driving has the power to rule and run the vehicles on the streets with the collaboration of many advanced technologies. The benefits of this technology are uncountable. It minimizes the accident and let the driver friendly with fellow passengers. Even Google is also started experimenting with independent driving it is trending topic of the automotive industry.

3D Printing

3D printing is the recent technology, which is slowly attracting every aspect of life and the automotive industry is also one of them. Presently, cars are designed to face 3-5 crashes, and the life of the car is around ten years. However, 3D printing can help those vehicles which device for the single crash and changing the whole body is a costly thing so outer body design with 3D printing is the best way. It can bring an innovative change in accident repairs and make it highly cost-effective, but it has to go more than the current situation that is the basic approach to car designing.

Connected Vehicles

Many smart technologies make their way into automobiles. One of the technologies is connected vehicles. These vehicles can share details about the driving conditions, like emergency brakes, a speed of a vehicle, weather condition, etc. It is a vehicle to vehicle communication which is in the beginning phase. And it is almost equivalent to the Wi-Fi, which becomes a necessary feature for each vehicle. Connected Vehicles is the reason for the extensive discussion on the topic like car sensors, wireless communications, and vehicle transmissions.


Over the last few years, automotive facing many challenges as well as problems and out of all one of the challenge is many fake part sellers. But to solve this problem the blockchain is the best way to find and try them first. Destroying the fake parts from the market is the second step for marketing transparency and efficient pricing strategies. Blockchain can create trusted and proper protocol for the increasing important supply chain. It is an evolving automotive technological trend have a chance to get attention and space to rise over expectation.

Electric Vehicles

With the decreasing amount of non-renewable energy like petrol or natural gas, we must have to find an alternative to it. And as a result, there are many electric vehicles are running on the streets, and after a few years, there are many more models that will be produced in mass. It is the perfect time when manufacturers have advantages to become a leader in the electric car industry.


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