5 Tips for Managing Your Land and Farm

Every homeowner knows that maintaining a property is no easy feat. Paying the bills and keeping up appearances is not always easy. There are many responsibilities that come along with owning your own property. These responsibilities increase tenfold when you have a large plot of land or farm on your hands.

Land and farm owners are probably already well-aware of the many duties that come with ownership. To name a few, farmers need to properly maintain equipment and provide quality care for animals in order to keep the operation running smoothly. Need help with the process? Here are few tips for managing your farmland to the fullest.

Invest in the proper fencing

Having sturdy and solid fencing is a necessity for every farm owner, and not just to keep your animals in. Even if you don’t have cattle or chickens roaming around, fencing will keep out unwanted trespassers (or at least make it known to them that they are trespassing).

Not only should you invest in quality fencing, you should do whatever necessary to keep it in good condition. Rotting posts and holes should be tended to right away. This will ensure the safety of your animals and also keep your neighbors happy; nobody wants a stray cow strolling into their front yard!

Do what is necessary to keep out pests

One of the greatest challenges to farm owners is pests. Obviously with any large piece of land there will be unwanted animals, insects, and small critters. Although you might assume them to be harmless, they can jeopardize the health of your crops and your animals. Invests in proper pesticides for your crop – preferably organic if you can.

The possibility of unwanted pests entering your land is yet another reason to maintain your fencing system. You should also do your best to keep your grass at a reasonable length to avoid the risk of poisonous snakes.

Don’t put off the small fixes

You might think something is just a small fix, but that can quickly turn into a big problem. As a farm owner you have the responsibility to fix the small things as soon as your can. No matter if the issue is in regards to your fencing, farm buildings or residential space, try to get to it right away. You might not think a small hole in the wall of your chicken coup is something to stress over, until an animal crawls in and harms your precious hens.

Revisit your goals for the farm frequently

When you purchase a farm, it is normal to make plans for the future and set goals that you hope to attain. But this shouldn’t just be the norm for the start of the farming process. Try to revisit your goals frequently, even on a day-to-day basis. This will help you stay on track and prevent you from getting lost in the daily struggles of farm life.

Consider planting a cover crop

Even when a pasture or plot isn’t being used for crop growing, it is important to keep it healthy. The best way to do this is buy planting a cover crop. Legumes and grasses are common cover crops, and they help to prevent soil erosion, water loss, weeds, and pests.

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