Best Five Family-Friendly Place To Travel

The world has plenty of places to travel from dramatic landscapes to gorgeous beaches, villages to modern cities. There are many family-friendly places around the world to choose as your holiday destination. Whether you want to do some adventure or relax, you will find suitable for you. So let’s together check the places to travel with family.

Kerala, India

The trip to Kerala gives you manageable experience especially for families with small babes or children.  Chilled out at best restaurants and hotels of Kochin and visit quaint Fort Kochin. One can enjoy a day trip at this place. If you want to enjoy an overnight trip with the quiet backwaters on a houseboat, then start with Kumbakonam or Alappuzha (Alleppey). You can enjoy the place and your children love the national park of the state and will find an elephant in Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. Even there is bamboo rafting for teenagers.

Maribor, Slovenia

For family travel, Slovenia is a brilliant country even though it is small. What you have to do is rent the car and travel to the north from the capital to Maribor. It is a compact city that is just a stone away from active entertainment which is suitable for all ages. On the river Drava, you will find canoeing in summer and nearby resort of Pohorje; you will find skiing in winter.  Try the resort’s single-track toboggan in spring that speeds the ski slopes at up to 30mph.

The West Midlands, England

Maybe it is not the obvious place for a family vacation in the UK, but this area has undoubtedly many places for kids. Like in the West you can visit Midlands Safari Park, or in Dudley, visit the Black Country Living Museum and go to the time of the 1930s. Not only this but you can eat best chips that are fried in beef. Then there’s Birmingham, which has an If you want to enjoy excellent Sea Life, then Birmingham Centre is there. And even Derby and the Severn Valley Steam Railway are also there to wander with kids.

Puglia, Italy

Puglia, the heel of Italy’s boot known for its whitewashed hill towns is a great choice for a family holiday in the summer holidays. With no end of natural beaches, the Salento peninsula beach is something different. The seaside town of Otranto and the castle makes this place family-friendly destination. The countryside is not less than any fairytales. At Trulli kids will love finding these pint-sized limestone houses with cone-shaped roofs. If you move to the Alberobello town, then you can spend a night in one of the Trulli to add little extra fun.

Bran, Romania

For older children, Romania is nothing less than a festival. With its turrets, grim facade, and ramparts, and dangerous position fluttering atop a rocky bluff against a mountain backdrop. Bran Castle is the classic spot to visit. There are countless places like The Castle of Horror, Heimat Museum, Libearty Bear Sanctuary Zarnesti, Peștera Liliecilor, Fountain Botorog and some other.


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