Boost Your Mobile Signal in the Office

Many people report today that they have signal problems in their office space. If you are one of them, maybe you have been wondering how to remedy this issue. Not having a good signal is not acceptable today. We live in a moment in which we use on smartphones for everything. 

Some of the issues that may arise from poor mobile signal are slow calls, dropped messages, and terrible downloading speed. This can be harmful to businesses. And also for clients who visit the office with faulty reception. If you would like to know some tips on how to improve your signal in the office, keep on reading.

Signal boosters might save you

Don’t wait for somebody else to solve the problem. Take the issue in your hands. A triband signal booster can be a great solution to poor signal. How do they work? Also called repeaters, they enhance how your cellphone works. These devices amplify the signal that a carrier provides. This way, the original lacking signal within the office will get strong with the help of boosters.

Make sure it is the building

This may sound silly, but first, make sure that your office is the one that has a terrible reception. If you have already checked this, maybe you can move around the place. Often, some spaces within the office are nearer cellphone towers. These towers improve signal, so maybe your smartphone will work better in those spots. 

Don’t stay inside

The last option for obvious reasons. But sometimes you might have no other choice. Maybe the building materials are too thick and harm your signal. As a result, you may have to go outside to improve your reception. 

Go up

Any building materials between your cellphone and the tower cause a block. In case your office is within a building, maybe you can try going up the floors. This way, you can check if your signal gets better. If you need to take an urgent call, for example, going to the roof might be a good idea. There, it is not likely that something blocks your signal. 

Use WiFi

If you have no other choice, switch to WiFi if you need to call somebody. It will not improve your signal, of course. But at least you will be able to carry out your tasks. In case you have a new smartphone model, it will for sure include calling and texting using WiFi. 

Poor cellphone reception can certainly be annoying. Particularly when we are in our workspace. Most of us spend the majority of the day in our offices. Not being able to use our smartphones properly in there can be a major nuisance. Especially when we use them for our professional tasks. Finally, clients might also feel annoyed if they visit our working space and are not able to use their phones. Try these strategies to improve your signal!

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