GPS Trackers and More – Gift Ideas For The Hiker in Your Life

When Christmas time comes around it can be very difficult with some people when it comes to knowing what to buy them. Anyone in your life however that happens to have a hobby, makes everything far easier for you as you can buy them something that relates to their hobby. With this in mind we are going to have a look today at those who love nothing more than hitting the countryside for a few days, racking up the miles and sleeping out under the stars. If you have a hiker in your life, here are some great gift ideas which you could consider for them this Christmas.

GPS Tracker

Many hikers may like to use their smartphone for GPS tracking but this is not always very reliable. GPS trackers on the other hand are extremely reliable and they could prove to be an excellent present for any hiker. The GPS tracker has an option to send an SOS signal to friends and family should something go wrong, and it can also track your location so that someone can find you if needed. A GPS tracker can indeed save a life, so it makes for an essential present indeed.

Cook Book

You may think ‘what on earth would a her need a cook book for?’ but this is because you are not considering how tricky it can be to make great food when you are on the trail. There are many wild cook books which have been written by fellow hikers which have many recipes using wild ingredients, as well as much information about how to cook, what to use, and even how to create the best fire, or even an oven. Hikers will love an informative book like this, and it can help them to up their cooking game too.

Thermos Mug

A small thermos mug can be a great gift for a hiker as it will keep cold liquids cold, and hot liquids hot. Many camping mugs on the market are not great at helping to guard the temperature of a liquid which is why you should look to pick up a thermos mug. These mugs are lightweight, handy and they can be used for anything from soups to hot drinks and more.

Power Bank

As much as most of us enjoy hiking for the freedom, we still like to incorporate technology into things and that means that we need battery. Whether you take a camera, a smartphone or even a tablet with you, it is always handy to be able to charge it up and that is why a power bank makes for a great gift. Some power banks on the market offer many hours of charge which means that even if you go away for days at a time, you will be able to rely on the power bank to juice up your tech as you go.

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