How Rep Management Firms Manage Internet Reputation Repair

Businesses and important individuals from all over the world rely heavily on their online reputations and for most ensuring that have a positive online reputation is what maintains their levels of success. This is why so many of these businesses and individuals will look to a reputation management firm for internet reputation repair, when their online reputations have been ruined or damaged. I have been working for a reputation management company for just over a year now and I am often asked how the company goes about repairing an online reputation. Without giving too many secrets away, the following is generally how we will attack a negative reputation  and seek to turn it around.


The first place that we will start is to look at the content on the individual’s or the business’ website. This information must be very positive about the client and it must also be of a very high quality. The key to repairing an online reputation is not to smear positive lies about the client across the internet, it is about a truthful and positive representation of the client. This begins with their website and we will work hard on making sure that the content is likable and most importantly shareable.

Search Engine Optimization

Many online reputations are damaged because there are negative comments and stories about them which nature on the top pages of the search engine when you type in the company name. In order to rectify this the online reputation management company will seek to promote positive pieces of information about the company or the individual and then apply SEO practices to ensure that the positive content ranks way higher than the negative content. The idea here is to drown out the negative noise by relegating it to the bottom of the search rankings, or at least low enough down that nobody sees it.


In terms of business a negative online review can be very damaging, especially if the company doesn’t even know that it has been left. A negative review can actually provide a company with an opportunity to show how good they are at problem resolution, but without knowing that it is there they cannot do anything about it. Rep management companies will identify these negative reviews and seek to fix them, and they will also ensure that any negative feedback which is left in the future, is quickly identified and rectified by the business. Let’s say that you own a business and someone leaves critical feedback, you could offer them a free meal or a heavy discount by way of apology, which will turn that review into a marketing opportunity. This is just another way that the rep management companies will seek to help to improve the reputation of a business.

These are the main places that we will look at during the initial review of our clients and we can usually do a lot of positive things in these 3 tasks alone.

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