Limo Rental Atlanta – Awesome Events Which Require a Limo

Have you been in a limousine before? We are not talking about a private black sedan here but rather the long stretch limos that you cruising the streets in style. The range of limos has changed remarkably in recent years and we are now seeing all manner of vehicles which have been turned into stretches, including Hummers! I recently organized a bachelor party for my best friend and we used a stretch for this event, when it comes to limo rental Atlanta has some of the best options and the Hummer that we rented was spacious and very accommodating, perfect for the bachelor party. Limos can really add something extra to any event, and here are some that you could rent one for.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Like I said we rented a limo for my buddy’s bachelor party and the purpose was to take us from the paint balling center where we had spent our day, back to our hotel to get changed, and then for a quick tour of the city before hitting the bar. The limo is the perfect way to keep the group together and you can of course enjoy some drinks and music on board, a great way to travel! For me the best part of  hiring a limo was when we all arrived at the entrance to the bar and heads turned to see who it was as we strolled out and into the VIP area.


Birthdays are also great occasions to rent a limo and you and your friends can take a tour in the limo or even use it to get the party. There is something about arriving in style that screams ‘important person’ so if it is your birthday then why not rent a limo and ensure that you are the one who is arriving in style.


In the past we saw rides and grooms causing off in a car with empty tin cans attached to the back as they went off on their honeymoon, these days those cars have been replaced with limos. Imagine leaving your wedding party as things begin to die down, hopping into your luxurious limo with your new husband or wife, and driving off into the sunset, classy and beautiful.

Team Building

Corporate events can also utilize limos to keep the team together and help them to have fun as one. Whether you are heading out for the night or off on a team building adventure, a limo can be the perfect place for you all to enjoy the ride, bond, and have some real fun. Many corporate events are classy affairs and if you and your team roll up in a stretch limo, you can add some more style to the occasion and make quite a splash when you arrive.

Why not give it a go for your next event, and see how much you enjoy riding in a limo.

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