Tips For Parents In The Digital Era

The digital landscape has been changing drastically over the past few decades. It has greatly impacted our everyday lives. The mobile phones which once considered as a prized possession is now a necessary daily amenity not only for elders but students and children alike. There are several benefits of being in this digital life. But, there is a thin line that can turn this happy digitalized life into something evil. Hence, it becomes quintessential for parents to draw this faint line for making them learn healthy and important lessons of digital use and digital citizenship.

Here are the tips every parent should follow to grow their children in this ever-changing digital landscape:

Create your family media use plan

Media is used carefully because when it used appropriately; it can help make daily life better. However, the consequences when media is used abruptly can greatly impact your children’s life. Customize your plan according to your family morals and values and based on your parenting style.

Define limits on digital use and encourage offline activities

It is utmost necessary for children to get engaged in some offline activity. Playtime is especially important for young children to delve creativity and high-spiritedness. So, it is crucial to leverage reasonable limits on using digital world gadgets.

Know about the digital life of your children

Like every other aspect of your child’s life, it is essential for you as a parent to stay informed if your child’s virtual presence as well. Know about the software, the apps, the friends your child has or uses, the websites they visit on the digital platform. Also, as a parent, it is important to understand the kids’ needs for accessing the digital world and setting a defined limit for the same.

Co-use the screen

Your child’s screen time should not necessarily mean alone private time. Engage and co-view and co-play with your children when they are in front of the screen. It encourages your communication and strengthens the bond with your child. You can teach your child the ups and downs of life by sharing your life experiences while watching a show with your child. Playing a game with your little one would encourage sportsmanship within your child and would set inspiration for him/her. Just keeping an eye on them would do no good to your child, so rather get involved with them more while they are in the virtual world.

Browse for kids apps

Do good research and look for apps that designed for children to grow. It would be a task amongst the several apps available on the play store. Good quality interactive and educational apps are what your kid requires at this age. So, make your decision wisely on choosing the age-appropriate and learning apps for your kid.

It is also important to make the child understand the about the criticalities and the dark side around the digital world. Teach them the importance of privacy and the dangers of getting exploited on social media platforms.

One cannot deny the importance of digital services and media in today’s world. So, follow the tips given here to ensure that your child is not lost behind the virtual world.


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