Two Keys to Building a Successful Small Business in 2019

2019 is here and the year has started off fast and furious. This of course has been a continuation of the past several years where business has been on a breakneck pace for change and growth. We are witnessing the biggest transformation since the industrial revolution, but in this case it is information rather than labor at its core Information today is able to be moved around the globe efficiency and almost instantaneously creating new opportunities and challenges alike.

The internet and digital marketing services allow businesses to get products in front of everyone every hour of the day. Companies continually tray and play catch up to understand consumer behaviors before they change in a never ending cycle.

This new medium allows companies to be anywhere at any time and to get into new markets and business areas much easily than previously. As a result large companies are looking to cut out the middlemen and go directly to the consumer.

Those companies that manufacture are entering retail and those who only sold before are creating their own brands and pushing them through supply channels and sales channels faster than ever thought possible. No matter what market you go into you can see that consumer choice has exploded and needs are met in real time and as demand develops.

Through all of this, small businesses are challenged to keep up and compete. They must do this with the tools that they can is together and with their limited budgets. Thankfully this new digital age has created ways to cheaply Crete products and get them into the marketplace. There are also ways to Market these products that are low cost and extremely effective.

Digital Marketing

Companies that provide digital marketing services give small businesses an opportunity to market their products like a large company. They use online tools and strategies to get a company’s products and services in front of potentially billions of consumers. Utilizing specific strategies like social media marketing call me to email marketing, and search engine optimization, digital marketing companies can cheaply and quickly position a company’s products and services in front of the target market, no matter where that target market is.


Companies that sell products what typically have to set up a retail outlet for those products be presented to consumers. The costs associated with this and be dramatic because a small company that the balance between having enough stock and weighing demand. This balance would often mean that the company needs to be short of stock or had spent too much of its resources on stock that it couldn’t sell.

If the marketplace for those particular product changed, the company would often be left with inventory that they could not sell I needed to sell it deep discounts. This was not only affect their bottom lines but also potentially their brand would be damaged. Today with online e-commerce, companies can present representations of the product without actually stocking it.

There are fast supply chains available that can get consumers the products that they order within a few days. What small companies this gives an inability to have a complete online retail space selling thousands of products without stocking. The money that would normally be reserved by inventory can now be used for other things and less overall budgets are needed in order to be successful.

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